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Confinement Playlist #10 - Lovely Nothing

Mis à jour : avr. 29

Lovely Nothing is the new project of Chris Campbell, incredible Irish musician who's now based in US. He recently released new music with this new project and is about to release his new song "Everything" on April 30th.

1. Attack In Black - Marriage

Iʼll praise and promote this band into eternity. I caught these guys as support to another Canadian band, Alexisonfire, back in 2006. Iʼd never heard anything like them. A perfect blend of folk, punk-rock, poetic lyricism and brass arrangements. Attack In Black was lightening in a bottle, ending after only a few years. To this day, I probably listen to Marriage twice a week. Their frontman, Daniel Romano, is still active, putting out awesome genre-spanning records, sometimes twice a year! This week he put out “Super Pollen” on Bandcamp, an 80's punk-influenced affair.

2. The Strokes - The New Abnormal

I could not have cared less about The Strokes when they were one of the most buzzing bands in the world. It wasn't my scene; I didn't get the "too cool to care" attitude they had, and being from the UK myself, I didn't care to hear a US band imitating British bands. I even went as far as to walk out of a festival right before they headlined three years ago. I was a chump. I read an incredible book by Lizzy Goodman last year, “Meet Me In The Bathroom”. It recounted, in detail, the rise of The Strokes and other iconic New York bands (shoutout to Yeah Yeah Yeahʼs too!). I listened to The Strokeʼs records while I read it, and suddenly it all just made sense. They are one of the fucking coolest bands ever. They dropped “The New Abnormal” last month. Itʼs still undeniably them, but also different from anything theyʼve done. “At the Door” is a bit of a masterpiece, and Julian has never sounded better.

3. Mac Miller - Circles

Itʼs quite profound, the impact an artistʼs passing can have on their music. I always liked Mac Miller, but I have never felt so affected by his albums as I do with ‘Circlesʼ. It's a very personal record. Macʼs gravel-coated voice sings, sort of apathetically, about playing a losing game. Coupled with Jon Brionʼs quirky and intricate arrangements, it makes for a beautiful and melancholy record.

Considering all this time we've had to reflect on life and the state of the world, Iʼve had it on repeat through this isolation period.

4. Bon Iver - i,i

Iʼve been an enormous admirer of Bon Iver, and just about everything else Justin Vernon has created, since 2008. I see them live any chance I get. Their music has got me through the most pivotal moments of my life. What I love about the latest record is just how familiar it somehow feels, while being an entirely new and refreshing collection of ideas and sounds. I think “Faith” and “Hey Ma” are my favourites. Both the drop and pitched-up vocal sample in the opening track “iMi” are just awesome. The album feels like being wrapped in a cozy warm blanket while someone challenges you with philosophy.

5. IDLES - Joy As An Act Of Resistance

IDLES. ARE. RAD. I could honestly end the description there. I found their record in a Best of 2018 section at Rough Trade, NYC. They earned that spot, ten times over, because they are the exact band that we need right now. The album title is a perfect embodiment of the songs contained. Itʼs protest punk - created to shake up systems, societies and individual accountability. While British punk of the 80's lashed out at society, IDLES aims to emphasize inclusivity and tell people from all walks of life that they love them. They call for unity, love and empathic humanity to overcome all. Basically, itʼs punk for Millennials. “Danny Nedelko” and “Love Song” are two standouts for me.

6. The Distillers - Coral Fang

Yeah, Iʼm a folk songwriter, but I think by this point itʼs becoming clear that Iʼm a little punk at heart. To me, "Coral Fang" is LA-punkʼs equivalent of a Nirvana record. I believe The Distillers deserve the same acclaim. In truth, Brody Dalle used to scare the hell out of me at thirteen years old, but in an intriguing “I might have a crush on you, but this also feels dangerous, but goddamn your voice is FIERCE” kind of way. She is an indisputable badass, and the whole album melts your face and your heart from end to end. I saw them play this record in itʼs entirety in Atlanta. It was the greatest. Lyrically, it is beautiful, poetic and intense. The melodies are extra-singable and the music gets your pulse racing. On the toughest days of quarantine, I throw this through my speakers on LOUD. “The Hunger” & “Coral Fang” are killer.

7. The National - I Am Easy To Find

The National never cease to impress me. It took me a while to catch on, first hearing them while on my own tour in Europe. “Trouble Will Find Me” became the soundtrack of that whole experience, and I watched their exceptional film “Mistaken For Strangers” on a stormy night in Paris. As a baseline, you always know what youʼre gonna get with a National record - Matt Berningerʼs dulcet baritone, post-rock fuzzy guitars, beautiful piano arrangements and cryptic, melancholy words. Their latest, “I Am Easy To Find”, brings in a ton of choral elements, atmospheric musical interludes and upfront vocal features from a number of talented women. Lisa Hannigan takes lead on “So Far So Fast” - one of the most beautiful, ethereal and emotional tracks on the whole masterful, story-based record. Thereʼs also a beautiful short film to accompany it. If you want to sink into the floor, slip away (and maybe cry) during quarantine, listen to this record.

8. Youth Lagoon - The Year Of Hibernation

This record entered my life in a beautiful way. I discovered Youth Lagoon through a subscription service called VYNL. I got to set up a profile with a detailed list of my favourite genres and artists, and then VYNL sent me three new records a month that they felt would fit my palette. It felt really special. "The Year of Hibernation" is beautiful, playful, dreamy bedroom pop, and just a joy to listen to. I canʼt even describe the feeling this album gives me. It was the experience of receiving something unheard, putting it on in my new apartment, in my new chapter of life in America, and just feeling the whole room light up. It was the perfect album at the perfect time, and still comforts me to this day.




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