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Confinement Playlist #2 - Matt Holubowski

Matt Holubowski is a Canadian singer-songwriter who just released his new album "Weird Ones" in February. Here is his Top 8 albums to listen to during this crazy Covid-19 crisis. FFO: Patrick Watson, Aliocha, Kevin Morby,...

1. Kevin Morby - Oh My God

Discovered this record over the fall, and has become a staple in my life. The ebb and flow of songs is just perfectly dosed, and there isn’t a single moment where you tire of where it’s headed. The callbacks to lyrics and melodies is amazing.

2. Bob Dylan - Desire

This is my favourite Dylan album. I know it by heart, and I find the energy perfect for a time of being cooped up. Bonus is the ten-minute opening track about the incarceration of Rubin Carter, perfect for being in quarantine - it’s a good way of putting things into perspective when we find ourselves complaining about our confinement.

3. Childish Gambino - Awaken My Love

I have a tendency to mostly listen to moody, dark records, and this one for some reason gives me light and energy. I feel invigorated when I listen.

4. Michael Kiwanuka - Kiwanuka

Another fun record I never tire of. His was the last live show I saw, and was blown away by the music. It’s a gentle reminder of the world outside.

5. Nils Frahm - All Encores

I love instrumental music that I can either close my eyes to and meditate to or write or read to and keep as background music. Like a lot of Nils Frahm, All encores is a journey from calm to intense, and back again. It makes you feel like you went somewhere far away for an hour.

6. Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool

I had to have at least one Radiohead record. I can’t say if this one if my favourite, they all are in some way, but this one is special in that it was on this tour that I first saw them live. At Osheaga in Montreal a few years back, they opened the show with the first two songs of this record, and I’ll never forget the vibe around me as the band played Daydreaming at the start of a headlining festival set. Few bands could do that.

7. Nick Drake - Pink Moon

I still have a dream of covering every song on this record. Maybe I’ll be able to use this time to do it. This record has always given me hope that the simplest song arrangement can be the most powerful, and though I don’t agree that less is always more, it definitely is sometimes. The sole piano part on this record also inspiring the piano part in my song mellifluousflowers, and I guess it might be a reminder that I just put out a record a month ago….since I can’t tour it at the moment.

8. David Bowie - Blackstar

What a dark record. What a perfect example of life as art. Bowie even managed to turn his death into an art piece. It’s an inspiring thing to behold at a time when we’re all feeling uncertain about our futures.







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