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Confinement Playlist #3 - Patrick Krief

Today's playlist was cooked by our good friend and incredible musician Patrick Krief. Patrick has been a professional musician for years and worked with numerous of stunning artists. His last album Dovetale was out in 2019 and includes serious masterpieces such as "Take the Night", "Daydream Lover" and "Venus". Check out what Patrick is listening to while the world in on pause.

1. Air - virgin suicides

This album was my go-to for any flight for many years. It’s a brilliant album with so many incredible tones and performances. It can lull me to sleep just as much as it can excite and energize me

2. The Beatles- Abbey Road

I’ve been mixing a record these last two weeks and Abbey Road is an album I often reference against... beyond being a masterpiece it’s one of my favourite sounding records

3. Bob Marley - Rastaman vibration

This is a record I was quite obsessed with in my late teens. I’ve been rediscovering it lately; the bass lines and arrangements are incredible and again, such a perfect sounding record.

4. Radiohead - Moon shaped pool

This record is so dense, so layered, so much adventure in every song it really has taken me some time to navigate through it. After so many listens I have to wonder if it’s my favourite Radiohead album. Genius production by Nigel Godrich as per usual

5. Tame Impala- Lonerism

I’m a bit late to the party on this record , but I’ve just been blown away by it lately.

6.Patrick Watson - Wave

I’ve known Pat on a personal level for a long time , and he may be the person who convinced me to sing my own songs (4 am at his loft circa 2006 after many many drinks and sitting around a piano sharing music) I’ve always been impressed with his talent and I collaborate with Mishka Stein (his long time bassist and co-writer) . These two guys are so extremely consistent in putting out incredible music, I have to say that I truly believe them to be the best thing out of montreal. True artistry.

7.Frank Sinatra - Greatest hits

My 6 month old daughter just lights up with excitement whenever she hears him. (I think she likes the big band horn section) So the music is on around the house often enough !

8. Serge Gainsbourg - Melody Nelson

This record has been on my playlist for 14 years consecutive. I’m always coming back to it, it’s a perfect sounding record with incredible arrangements and the best bass tone I’ve ever heard.






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