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Confinement Playlist #8 - Mackenzie Leighton

If we were asked what does a perfect summer afternoon look like, we would probably answer that we imagine ourselves in a flowering empty field with Mackenzie Leighton's music in our headphones while looking at the clouds... This very talented singer-songwriter from New-York is now based in Paris and vows an endless love and passion for the femininity à la française, portrayed in her latest single "Paris Girls". She's sharing with us an beautiful playlist of nearly 8 hours of music.

1. Air - Moon Safari

The perfect album to wake up to! I was first introduced to this dream-pop French touch duo through the score of the film The Virgin Suicides. Since moving to France, I continue to return to the magic of their smooth tunes. 2. Devendra Banhart - Ma I am a big fan of Venezuelan-American artist Devendra Banhart, for his folk rock upbeat melodies, his clever and poignant lyrics, and his sweet sweet voice that sounds like he is singing right into your ear. This is his most recent album, but I also have to shoutout the song "Your Fine Petting Duck" from his 2013 album Mala which is also excellent.

3. Sam Evian - Premium This is a beautiful light and breezy album, perfect for bathing in the window in the sun and shimmying your shoulders. I had the privilege of meeting him in Paris because I opened for a band he was accompanying on tour and couldn't believe I was borrowing the amp of the guy who's album I'd listened to on repeat all summer.  4. Simon and Garfunkel - The Essential Simon and Garfunkel This album is for when I'm feeling nostalgic and want to relive 13 year old me listening to this vinyl in my bedroom. Simon and Garfunkel are lyrical geniuses and masters of harmony. My favorite tunes that I could sing in my sleep and simultaneously make me weep are "Wednesday Morning, 3am" and "America". 5. Bon Entendeur - Aller-retour For awhile this was the only album I had downloaded offline on my Spotify, so it really makes me think of walking around Paris in the summertime. I'm not a huge fan of electro music, but this French collective seems to really put feeling into the genre. I also love their repurposing of old songs and voice interviews. Two favorites off this album are "La Rue Madureira" and of course, "Le Temps est Bon". 6. Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues I listened to a lot of Fleet Foxes when I was living in New York, so this album certainly packs a nostalgia punch for me. It is an indie-folk dream full of lush instrumentals, and I admire frontman Robin Pecknold so much- I hope to be able to effect people with lyrics the way he does. His lyrics could be turned into short films! Among my favorites, a line from the title track: "If I had an orchard, I'd work 'til I'm sore, And you would wait tables and soon run the store". 7. Men I Trust - Oncle Jazz You gotta love the smooth grooves of the Montreal based indie-pop band Men I Trust! Oncle Jazz is 1 hour and 11 minutes of pure bliss. Pour yourself a cocktail and get the Scrabble game fired up. This album makes me want to slip into a tasteful taupe pantsuit and slide around the kitchen floor in my socks.  8 .Chic - Dance, Dance, Dance: The Best of Chic Last but certainly not least, sometimes you just need to blast the epic disco of Chic and annoy all the neighbors during confinement. Dance your blues away and dream about the day you can go out dancing for real again...






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